How to add a new credit card to my billing menu?

How do I add a new credit card to my account?


Login to yourcontrol panel at click on Billing from your main user menu. Choose Manage Credit Cards from the Billing menu. The next screen will tell you that you have no credit cards currently set up, so click Add New.



On this screen, you can specify what card type you want to pay with, and the friendly name you wish to call it. It is highly recommended that you choose a relevant name instead of My Credit Card (which is default). For instance, in the above example œMy Visa Card is chosen for Visa. Relevant names are important if you are planning on adding several cards to the system. Once you have chosen the name and type of card, click Next.


You will be presented with the above screen. One point of note:


Default Credit Card: Checking this box will make Helm automatically select this credit card for any future payments, so if there are a choice of cards under your account this is the one that will be used.

Enter the relevant details for your card, and click Save to save them.

Once saved, the credit card number will be blanked out except for the prefix and suffix. 

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