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How to Change your Password

Welcome to Applied Innovations!  We’re thrilled to welcome you and get you set-up with your new web hosting account.
This article will show you how to change your password once logged-in to https://portal.awesomehosting.com, the new MSPControl Panel for AwesomeCloud shared hosting accounts.   For security and to ensure the protection of your account, we recommend that the password be changed upon logging-in for the first time.
Step 1.  Open a web browser and type https://portal.awesomehosting.com in the address bar, then press enter on your keyboard.
Step 2.  Enter your username.
Step 3.  Enter your password and proceed to Step 4.  (This is the password that was sent to you in the welcome e-mail.)
Step 4.  Select whether or not you want the browser to remember your username.  
Step 5.  Click Sign In.
The screenshots above are zoomed-in portions of the screen below.
Step 6.  Once logged-in to MSPControl Panel, you’ll see the main page below.  This is your hosting space.  Click Change Password.
Step 7.  Enter the new password.
Step 8.  Re-enter the password again to confirm.  (This is to ensure that both are the same).
Step 9.  Click Change Password to save changes.

Step 10.  You will see a confirmation that your password was changed successfully.
If you encounter any errors or difficulties along the way, feel free to contact Support at https://support.appliedi.net

Content retrieved from: https://support.appliedi.net/kb/a1352/how-to-change-your-password.aspx.

Updated on November 11, 2019

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