MailChannels: How to Submit a False-Positive or Block Removal Request

If you received an email bounce from the MailChannels service and require additional information regarding the rejection or would like to submit a False-Positive Report, please open a Support Ticket and INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS:


Please paste the most recent copy of the error message you received:
(for example  "450 4.7.1 [CS] Message rejected because of spam content")

What date was the message sent?

What time was the message sent? (in Eastern Standard Time)

What was the Sender email address? (the 'FROM' address)

What was the Recipient email address? (the 'TO' address)

What was the Subject of the email?

What type of email was this? (mailing list, personal, newsletter, transactional - such as en order receipt)


Once we receive the above details regarding the undeliverable email we will investigate the issue and update you shortly. Please be sure to include all details requested above to avoid any delays.

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