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Verifying existence of SPF records

Verifying existence of SPF records:


We recommend using MXtoolbox to verify the existence of SPF records.



(Open the link above in a new browser tab, then refer to the example below when reading your results)

Using the tool is simple.  Enter your domain in the query dialog box (example:  acme.com  /  no ‘www’ or ‘mail’ prefixes). 



If your domain has a valid SPF record, the result will look like the follow.  Note, there are two types of SPF records, so this tool checks for either type.  You are looking for the TXT type, so this is a valid response.


Important:    This tool only validates that an SPF record was found, but does not validate if the record is syntactically correct or valid.   It is only reporting the existence of a record and its type.

To help validate SPF records, reference the following KB articles:  Validating SPF Records

Updated on November 11, 2019

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