How to view e-mail reports in SmarterMail 12.2


SmarterMail 12 series

10. How to view email reports in SmarterMail

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged into your SmarterMail account.

Select the Reports toolbar icon.

From the Reports page, you can view a number of report statistics including how many messages sent and received, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) usage and errors.

Message Traffic shows the number of incoming and outgoing messages. Let’s click on the Message Traffic report link to view it.

Here we can view the chart for incoming messages with dates and volume.

You can generate reports using date ranges by selecting a starting from and ending to date.

Click the Message Data report link.

Here we can view the chart for data sent with dates and volume.

Click on the SMTP Out Usage report link.

Here we can view the chart for outbound bandwidth usage with dates and volume.

Additional reports include those for spam and virus reporting.

You now know how to view email reports in SmarterMail.

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Updated on November 11, 2019

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