How to Install AspDotNetStoreFront v10 in Plesk

This article assumes that you have already created your database, username, and password in your Plesk environment. If you haven’t created a DataBase, please click this link Create a DataBase in Plesk and it will walk you through the process of creating a database in Plesk
This article will walk you through step by step on setting up AspDotNetStoreFront in your Plesk Environment
Important: Please contact support for VPN access to your DataBase to run "Create AspDotNetStorefront Database.sql" query located in the "AspDotNetStorefrontDB" folder
Lets get your environment Ready
Step 1: Modify your "AppSettings.config" file located in "AspDotNetStorefrontWeb" folder
Change Line 9
Replace "TBD" to a unique string
From: <add key="EncryptKey" value="TBD" />
To: <add key="EncryptKey" value="JfoDclMmMy" /> <- Example
Step 2: Modify your "ConnectionStrings.config" file located in "AspDotNetStorefrontWeb" folder
Change Line 2
Data;Initial Catalog=Database_Name;User Id=Database_User;Password=XXXXXXXX;
Now lets get AspDotNetStoreFront ready for our site through Plesk
Step 3: Log into Plesk
Step 4: Click on the "Websites" tab then
Step 5: Click on your website name
Step 6: Select "Virtual Directories"
Step 7: Click on "Create Virtual Directory"
Step 8: Creating the virtual Directory
Deselect "Create physical directory with the same name as virtual directory" and navigate to the path where the "Web.config" file is located
Usually "/httpdocs/AspDotNetStorefront/Web" folder
Select "Create Application" if not already selected, then Click "OK"
Step 9: Now you will notice your Virtual Directory/Application has been created
Step 10: Lets test open your web browser and navigate to "http://<<YourDomain>>.com/AspDotNetStoreFront/Admin"
Notice on the lower right hand side the AspDotNetStoreFront Seal
Follow the Prompts to Activate your license. [Done]

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Updated on November 11, 2019

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