How to FTP with Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.0

Type your ftp address in the address bar:

  • Type your Username in the Username box
  • Type your password in the Password box

Internet Explorer 7

Type your ftp address in the address bar:
You should see a message saying: “FTP root at
It has instructions that you need to follow. Once you clicked Open FTP site in Windows Explorer,

  • Type your Username, in the Username box
  • Type your Password, in the Password box

Then Click Log On to login.
You can also login in anonymously if you have it enabled.

Right click and select Copy to Folder if you would like to download a file or folder.
Drag and Drop to upload a file or folder.
Go to File > Login As to login as a different user.

Internet Explorer 8 & 9

To upload files to an FTP website, you usually need a user name and password, which you’ll need to sign in to the FTP site.

  1. Open the FTP website in your browser.

  2. Click Page, and then click Open FTP site in Windows Explorer. If you are prompted for a password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  3. In Windows Explorer, press ALT, click File, and then click Login as.

  4. Type the user name and password, and then click Log On.

After you sign in, you can copy files to the FTP website by copying and pasting.

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Updated on November 11, 2019

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