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How do I Customize My Over Usage Bandwidth Notification?

The Control Panel gives you the ability to send out notifications to your users if they go over their allotted Bandwidth. Click the "Over Usage Bandwidth Notification" icon to go to the following screen:


NOTE:- The over usage notification email will be sent out if, during the scheduled running of the bandwidth collector, it is found that the user™s bandwidth usage exceeds (even by the smallest amount) the bandwidth that has been assigned to them.

Dynamic Information: Using this dropdown menu, you can insert dynamically generated content into your notification. This feature can be used to personalise the notification email to your user, similar to the welcome message.

Subject: The email your reseller/user receives will contain this subject.

Message Body: This is the content of the notification that your user will receive. This accepts HTML, if you wish to send a HTML email. Remember to check the "Send as HTML Email" box in this case.

Send via Email From: The email your users receive will be sent from this address. For example, it would be a good idea to enter your support or sales email address in this field.

Send via Internal Message System: Checking this box will also send the user a copy of the email message via the Internal Message system.

Send Copy To the Following Email Address: Checking this box and entering a valid email will "carbon copy" the email address you enter with all emails automatically sent out by Helm. Enabling this feature is helpful as it lets you have a record of the information that gets sent to your users.

Send as HTML Email: Check this box if your message is in HTML format, and you wish to send this email in HTML format.

Delivery Interval: Choose the frequency that you want the notification to be sent out:


Everytime this will send the notification every time the bandwidth collector is run.


Everyday this will send the notification once per day (assuming the bandwidth collector is run at least once per day).


Every other day this will send the notification every other day (assuming the bandwidth collector is run at least once per day).


Every week this will send the notification once per week.

Content retrieved from: https://support.appliedi.net/kb/a993/how-do-i-customize-my-over-usage-bandwidth-notification.aspx.

Updated on November 11, 2019

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