Installing Awesome Cloud Backup

Installing Awesome Cloud Backup


Download the agent installer

The first step will be to download the agent installer for your machine.  After downloading it, you’ll see an icon like below, simply double-click it to start the installer.



Running the Installer

The installer takes a couple minutes to get ready and will look similar to the below



Installing the Software

Once prepared the installer will look like below.  You have the option to run the Install by clicking on the big green install button and adding your credentials later or add your credentials now. I recommend you click on "Customize installation settings" now.


Here you’ll enter your username and password for the backup service. This was emailed to you when you first subscribed to Awesome Cloud Backup.  If you don’t have it please contact and request it.


After you enter your credentials you have the option to further configure the software, I recommend you keep the defaults and click the "install" button now.



The installer will run for a couple minutes.




Once fully installed it will update like shown below. You’ll also see a small popup from the tray icon.  At this point you should click the "Close" button and log into the web portal.  You’ll manage your backups from the web portal and will the web portal to start backup jobs, perform recoveries, etc. 




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Updated on November 11, 2019

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