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How do I enable Verisign (PayPal) PayFlowPro with AspDotNetStorefront?

Enabling Verisign (PayPal) PayFlowPro with AspDotNetStorefront (version and newer)



Older installations priot to version



Important!� Make a backup of all data, files, and folders before making any changes in case you need to revert at a later time.






  1. Contact AspDotNetStorefront support for the correct copy of the PayFlowPro SDK.� Do not install the SDK from the PayPal site, as it is incompatible with our current implementation.




  1. Extract the files to a location on your hard drive (eg. C:PayFlowPro)




  1. Copy the pfpro.dll from C:PayFlowProverisignpayflowprowin32lib to C:WindowsSystem32




  1. Run the PFProCOMSetup.exe file located in C:PayFlowProverisignpayflowprowin32com directory.� You should receive a message stating that the COM object was sucessfully registered.




  1. Right click My Computer and go to Properties




  1. On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.




  1. Create a new System environment variable named PFPRO_CERT_PATH.� Set the value to C:PayFlowProverisignpayflowprowin32certs




  1. Restart the computer.




  1. Open the AspDotNetStorefront solution in Visual Studio 2005 standard or better.




  1. Under ASPDNSFGateways, open the Versign.cs file.




  1. Uncomment the first line so it reads: #define VERISIGN (change to�#Const VERISIGN = True� for VB.net)



  1. Right click the ASPDNSFGateways and choose Add Reference.� On the COM tab, find and select PFProCOM 1.0 Type Library.




  1. Right click the ASPDNSFGateways Project and choose Build.




  1. In your AppConfig parameters, search for VERISIGN.� Set the Verisign User, Password, Partner, and Vendor values appropriately.� These can be obtained from PayPal.




  1. Find the PaymentGateway AppConfig and set it to VERISIGN.




  1. Reset your cache, and test.




  1. When ready to deploy to your live site, you will need to FTP the AspDotNetStorefrontGateways.dll file from your AspDotNetStorefront WebBin folder on the development machine to the bin folder on your web server.




  1. Repeat steps 1 � 8 on your web server.� If you have a shared hosting plan you will need to contact the hosting company to assist.





This is a guide for people developing their ASPDNSF sites on a private computer, or server. This is intended for people developing their site with PayflowPro. Steps 1-8 are already completed on Appliedi’s shared servers.


Set the following appconfigs:


PaymentGateway should be set to  ï¿½PAYFLOWPRO�

Note:  Most likely these are the credentials you�re using to login at manager.verisign.com. 


Updated on November 11, 2019

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