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How to create a sub-domain within Webpanel.appliedi.net

WebsitePanel end-user series

22. How to create a sub-domain in WebsitePanel

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in to WebsitePanel

Now let’s learn how to create a subdomain in WebsitePanel

1) Select the plan you want to add a subdomain to

2) Now, click Domains

On this screen, you can see your added domains, subdomains and the number you have remaining

3) Click Add Domain

4) Select Subdomain

5) Enter a name for your subdomain

6) You can select the top-level domain this subdomain will belong to

7) When you are finished, click Add Domain

You can edit the subdomain you just added

8) Click Save

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to add a subdomain in WebsitePanel

Updated on November 11, 2019

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