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How do I install BVCommerce 5 (bv5)?

Before installing BVCommerce 5:

  1. You’ll need to purchase BVC5 from http://BVCommerce.com and get a BV_License.lic file from them.
  2. Run the installer which installs the site manager on your computer.
  3. Log into your control panel and navigate to the "Website Settings" page https://control.appliedi.net/ and make certain you have ASP.net 2.0 running.
  4. In your control panel, make sure you’ve created an FTP account in the FTP Accounts.
  5. Make sure you’ve created a MS SQL 2005 database within the database manager.



Run the BVC5 site manager (Click start > programs > BVSoftware , run the program and click  "Create new Store"

  1. Name the store whatever you want for you to identify it in BV Site Manager
  2. Browse to where you saved the BV_License.lic file.
  3. Select the "Create a Site by FTP" radio button
  4. Type in your FTP address (example: ftp.mydomain.com – but you might need to use your IP address listed in FTP Accounts in the control panel if you haven’t yet pointed your domain name to our servers). FTP user/pass as created in your control panel at https://control.appliedi.net/ Path needs to be default "/wwwroot"
  5. Regular URL (ex: http://mydomain.com). Secure url is either your shared SSL path as listed in the control panel (example: https://securesite04.appliedi.net/mydomain-com ), or if you purchased an SSL cert and installed it, it would be  https://mydomain.com
  6. SQL2005 Server is your server listed in "Database Manager" in your control panel https://control.appliedi.net/ (example: sql2k5a.appliedi.net)
  7. Database name, username and password are also all listed in "Database Manager"
  8. Click Start. Click yes if it asks to install the database over the recently created empty database. If there’s no errors, it will install BVC5 successfully and automatically load the /BVAdmin login page. Username Admin / Password: Password.
  9. This will take about a minute the first time it loads and might not work the first time. If you get any sort of ASP.net error referencing the web.config, then there’s one more step.
  10. You’ll need to connect to your site via FTP (you can click start > run > type "explorer" hit enter, in the address bar ftp://mydomain.com and login with your FTP account.) You need to edit the web.config file. Locate the "Connection strings" and use this example:

<add name="Bvc5Database" connectionString="Server=sql2k5a.appliedi.net;Database=mydomain_com;uid=mydomain;pwd=XXXXX"/>

Change the database to your domain, and the uid/password to whatever is listed as the db username/pass in "Database Manager" in your control panel. That should be all you need to access your new store’s /bvadmin with default username/password of admin/password.

Updated on November 11, 2019

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