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Getting Started with AwesomeAntispam Premium Offering [PREMIUM FEATURE]

This functionality is geared towards those customers subscribing for the premium offering of AwesomeAntispam. If you’ve subscribed to the basic offering please refer to the Getting Started with AwesomeAntispam Basic Offering, article.

AwesomeAntispam is an advanced spam filtering service that protects your domain from 99.98% of all spam with a near zero false positive reporting history.  Built on top of SpamExperts spam fighting technology AwesomeAntispam is in use by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. 

Logging into your AwesomeAntispam Domain Admin account

To get started you’ll log into the AwesomeAntispam portal at http://my.awesomeantispam.com for username you’ll enter your domain name.  For password you’ll enter the password that was provided to you when your account was provisioned. 

What to when first accessing Awesome Antispam as Domain Administrator

The first time you log into your AwesomeAntispam account as Domain Administrator you’ll want to do the following items:

1. Verify your Inbound Mail Route is set correctly.

Your Inbound Mail Route is the server or servers that good email is delivered after AwesomeAntispam has filtered spam and junk email. You’ll want to click on the “Edit Routes” Icon shown below and ensure your mail server is listed.

If your particular mail server isn’t listed you’ll want to add it to the routes. If you’re confused don’t hesitate to reach out to support@appliedi.net for help.

2. Verify your domain name’s MX record is set correctly.

If your account’s DNS is hosted with Applied Innovations then this has been set for you already.  If not you’ll want to update your MX record to point to:

  • mx1.awesomeantispam.com 10
  • mx2.awesomeantispam.com 20

Once the first two steps have been completed then AwesomeAntispam is configured and ready to start filtering your email for you.

3. Configure Domain Aliases

If you have more than one domain pointed at your mail servers you’ll want to make sure those are setup as Domain Aliases in AwesomeAntispam.  This is done by selecting domain aliases from the dashboard as shown below:

Then under “Add an alias” in the alias box enter the domain name and click the “Add” button.

4. Enable End User Reporting

AwesomeAntispam creates an email quarantine for all email that falls between known spam and known good email.  This email is placed in a quarantine and will either be delivered or rejected over time.  You can configure AwesomeAntispam so that each day your users receive an email report via email with all of their Quarantine messages listed in it.  This way they will not have to worry about having a potentially good message being rejected.  You can enable end user reporting by clicking on the Periodic User Report icon shown below:


and then clicking on the “Enable” link to enable this automatically for all of your email users. 

5. Grant Email users access to the http://my.awesomeantispam.com portal

AwesomeAntispam allows you to grant email users access to their own filtering settings and reporting through the my.awesomeantispam.com portal.  To enable your users to access this portal select the “manage email users” icon from the dashboard shown below:

and then click the “Add” link to create accounts for each of your users you wish to grant access to.  

6. Adjust domain wide filtering settings

Although AwesomeAntispam is configured by default to block 99.98% of all spam, some users may find it necessary to adjust the spam rules for their domain at a domain wide level, this can be down by accessing the “Filter Settings” menu by clicking on the “Filter Settings” Icon shown below:

7. Manage the email Whitelists and Blacklists

AwesomeAntispam has the ability to allow you to whitelist particular email addresses and domain names for particular senders as well as whitelist all email for a particular email user (in effect disabling the spam filtering for that particular user).  Likewise you can also blacklist sender email addresses and domains and recipient email addresses.  These features can be configured by accessing the Whitelist and Blacklist options from the dashboard as shown below:


8. Reporting Messages as Spam and Non-Spam 

AwesomeAntispam, being built on top of SpamExperts has the ability for you to report specific email messages as spam or not spam and provides a number of mail client add-ons. These are listed below:

  • Microsoft Outlook Addons are available: here
  • OSX Mail (Mac Mail) are available: here

9. Enabling Domain Reporting

Finally, as domain administrator you may be interested in getting a report of how much email is filtered and how much good email passes on a regular basis.  You can enable automated domain reporting by selecting “Periodic Domain Reporting” as shown below:

You can also review domain statistics at any time by clicking on “Domain Statistics” From the dashboard menu and entering the appropriate date/time range and clicking on “show”.

Content retrieved from: https://support.appliedi.net/kb/a978/getting-started-with-awesomeantispam-premium-offering-premium-feature.aspx.

Updated on November 11, 2019

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