How do I use 3.5 graphing and charting component?


GraphicsServer.Net is an advanced charting and graphing component created by Through our partnership with GraphicsServer, we're able to provide a special "Web Host Edition" of GraphicsServer version 3.5 with all our shared hosting accounts. This article provides more details on how to access these features. 

This toolkit will allow you to develop ASP.NET applications enhanced with spectacular graphs and charts that can be uploaded to your shared hosting site.

Here are the easy steps to add graphing to your ASP.NET application:

  • Download a Developer™s Kit from this page
  • Add graphs and charts to your application in design mode or through code
  • Upload the application to your hosted site and the application will use the Graphics Server component that your hosting company has loaded into the GAC

The Developer™s Toolkit is limited only in the types of graphs and widgets available. Available graph types include line, bar, and pie graphs. All other features of Graphics Server .NET are available to you, including:

  • Annotation
  • Drilldown
  • Multiple axis
  • Conditional marker painting
  • Combination graphs
  • Statistical overlays

The widget type that is supported is the Gauge. If your widget contains any other types you will see the "Widget type not supported" watermark on top of your image.

See a full description of the product™s features at our Graphics Server .NET Features page.

When working with the Developer™s Kit you will see a watermark appear on the graph. This mark will disappear when you run the application on your hosted site. You may also see a watermark if you attempt to use a graph type or widget type not supported in this edition.


To begin using you'll need to download the developers kit by clicking here. Once installed, you can reference the included documentation or access sample code here.


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