Applied Innovations Physical to Virtual Conversion July/Aug 2016

Physical to Virtual Server Conversion FAQ:
Q: Why is my web, database, or mail server being virtualized?
A: There have been great advancements made in technology since these servers were deployed on their original hardware. Performing a physical to virtual (P2V) conversion will allow us to relocate your hosting services from legacy hardware to cutting edge hardware without any need to reconfigure your websites, email, or databases. This will provide better performance and stability for your hosting services.
Q: Which servers are being affected by this Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversion?
A: The following servers are scheduled to undergo a P2V in the upcoming weeks: WEB06, WEB07, WEB101, MySQL4a, Mailhost2, Mailhost5, Mailhost7, Mailhost8. A full schedule is listed below.
Q: How do I know which web server my website is hosted on?
A: The only web servers being virtualized at this time are in the Helm control panel system ( or . If your site uses either of these control panel URL's you can refer to this KB article which will show you how to determine which web server your website is hosted on:
Q: How do I know which mail server my email is hosted on?
A: Please visit this website and put your domain name into the search box: Make sure that there is no www. or mail. in front of the domain name when you search for it. So if your website was and your email address was you would simply put into the search box.
Q: How long will my server be down for?
A: This will vary from server to server. Servers where more disk space is in use by client websites and mail domains will take longer to convert. On the schedule listed below we have provided estimations of how long we think each server will take based on previous conversions that we have completed.
Q: Will my websites or email lose any data during this conversion process?
A: No, all hosting services will be halted on the server directly prior to the conversion. This will prevent new changes from being written to the sites, databases, or email so that nothing gets missed by the conversion process. Please see the next question related to what will happen to email delivery during this conversion process for more details on that subject.
Q: Will my email still be delivered while the conversion is happening?
A: Mail servers are configured to retry messages a certain number of times at various intervals. Unfortunately this differs from provider to provider so we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that you will not miss any incoming email. However in a vast majority of cases the email should eventually come through once the mail server is brought back online. If you use our Awesome Antispam service for your mail domain 100% of your incoming messages will be queued up for delivery and be delivered once the conversion is complete. If you are interested in adding this service to your account prior to the conversion please contact and we can get that added to your account before the conversion happens. We have intentionally scheduled the mail servers for last during this process so that you have adequate time to get set up on Awesome Antispam if you so choose. As for outgoing email this will remain in your email client's outbox until the server comes back online at which point the email will go out successfully. If any outgoing or incoming email fails to be delivered the sender will receive a non delivery report so at the very least they will know that the message did not make it through. The SmarterMail webmail will be unavailable during this conversion process.
Q: Will any of my settings change for web/database/email?
A: No, this conversion will not affect any of your website settings, email passwords, or any other configurations related to your hosting with Applied Innovations.
Conversion Schedule: (Early morning of July 19th, 2016 between the hours of 1am & 5am Eastern) (Early morning of July 20th, 2016 between the hours of 1am & 5am Eastern) (Early morning of July 21th, 2016 between the hours of  1am & 3am Eastern) (Early morning of July 26th, 2016 between the hours of 1am & 7am Eastern) (Early morning of July 27th, 2016 between the hours of 1am & 7am Eastern) (Early morning of July 28th, 2016 between the hours of 1am & 5am Eastern) (Early morning of August 2nd, 2016 between the hours of 12am & 7am Eastern) (Early morning of August 3rd, 2016 between the hours of 12am & 7am Eastern)
If you have any questions about this conversion please email and we'll be happy to assist you.

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