HELM Video Tutorials (Reseller)

1. How to login to Helm as a reseller
2. How to create a new hosting plan in Helm
3. How to add new users in Helm
4. How to add a package to a user in Helm
5. How to add a domain to a user in Helm
6. How to edit a user's hosting account in Helm
7. How to setup a user's Helm password
8. How to change your Helm password
9. How to edit your personal details in Helm
10. How to edit your customer's personal details in Helm
11. Custom branding your user's Helm control panel
12. How to setup the Helm Billing system
13. How to setup Payment Gateways in Helm
14. How to setup Payment Reminders in Helm
15. How to setup Payment Receipts in Helm
16. How to configure your Invoice Settings in Helm
17. Configuring your Welcome message and Signup Script in Helm
18. Viewing customer invoices and transactions in Helm
19. How to configure domain registration settings in Helm
20. How to use the messaging system in Helm
21. How to create a default home page in Helm
22. How to run System Reports in Helm
23. How to setup Over Usage Notifications in Helm
24. How to configure Global DNS settings in Helm
25. How to setup Extra Feature Notifications in Helm

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